An "Unimage print" work in progress.

The first step in the Unimage print job, as for the statement of D&B Sadip process is the scanning.
Here is the image on screen of the scanned film:

sadip file 1.jpg


The second step of the process is the application of a global variation on the image, using at least two of the Photoshop Tools, without any areas selection. Here is the example of this step on the  same image.

The big job is on the third step: Dodging and burning on the third layer using only the brush on multiple image areas. In thi case I worked on the layer for 4 hours in three days. The result is here.

The file has the dimension of the final print: 73 cm x 47 cm @ 300 dpi, 204 Mb of .psd file. 

Once I have registered and closed the file, all the brush job inside the layer is in the image and the process is lost: nobody can remake it. If I want to make another print of this creation I have to work on the scan as it was the first time. The result will be different, as for time is passing and my visualization of the original shooting changed.