Laboratory at piccola fabrica alab 

Alab is a cultural association that since 2009 allows hundreds of artists and craftsmen from Palermo to work, exhibit and live of their work. In Italy it is not easy, believe me. "Piccola Fabrica" is an associated laboratory inside the cultural association. 

In Piazza Aragona, Palermo,  I expose artworks of the "master" series, with dimension of 60x40 centimeters and bigger, down to "study series", small prints to bring a conscious vision and deeply emotion of my city home for anyone budget. You can find also books, as "the LIE" and the little art books of "Kalsa shooting" and "Deep Kalsa". You can find them in other ALAB Labs and shops too. 

As an association member you do not buy prints or books but contribute to its life and to my work with a contribution according to the art work that you like.




In September of 2016 I chose for my on line show room. Here you can find all the works in a limited edition and the exclusive art work, the product of particular projects, such as "The Lie" and "Anger never dies".