who i am

I became an artist in February 2005.
But I did not know. No one knew.

Sometimes I think it is easy to be born artists. When everyone tells you that you have talent, you can draw, you've got the touch for the violin or the piano, the right look in colors.
For me it was not so.
For me the destiny had reserved a place as bookkeeper.

However there was SOMETHING strange.
I usually read.
A lot. 
A good accountant does not have to read a lot. Too much fantasy. It’s dangerous.
But until one frequents libraries and read american writers novels, he is certainly not an artist.

Unfortunately there was also that thing about Photography. Very early.
I was fourteen and I got up a darkroom in a garage with two friends of mine. It was fantastic. But you know, photography is not art in Sicily. Maybe a marriage service to get business. 

After many years, I got a job in marketing and advertising. I was fascinated by the communication strategy and it was already almost art. Prostituted, but artistic. There were people like Creative, Art Director, Photographers, and also Copywriter too. Words and images. Fantastic. 

Luckily I ended up in the world of wine because they talk and write a lot. A great wine does not exist without a great story.

I though:  "My God, I knew how to do”. I believed it was my own true way.
I grew up and up as marketing manager but every road has its stop. 

So I found myself in February of 2004, at age 43, thinking that I was too old to restart and too young to decline. Since I knew that I had to have at least one “sabbatical” year, I looked for something to do. First, I made a book of "ikonovelle"; stories between words and images.

So “Distilled" was born.

Looking back it was a stuff of astonishing modernity but so far I could not understand what I did. So I started a commercial photography business that was one of the most colossal fiascos of the history: I sold not even a photograph.

So it was that I began to write.
The first novel title is "50 Euro” and it is a detective-science fiction story. Then I wrote 'Born three times ", and now I think maybe that title is a fate. Then Leone de Castris asked me to write the story of his most famous label and "Five Roses of Negramaro” born in print.
I wrote last "Don Quixote 3552", in 2008, pure science fiction.
Finally, the science fiction stories have become two start up, InformAmuse and Bookenberg, both in digital publishing: apps, ebooks and what I call "digraph". They will be discovered in five years, but meanwhile I've invented and did.

With Digraph the digital images returned to the surface. They need for the narrative in the production of tourism app so I picked up the camera. I realized I hated her for twenty long years. I hated her as the first loving girl who has never been a girlfriend. A childish feeling. Fueled by the advent of the digital age: too many electronic toys, pressing buttons and too little time to scan the eye. I continued to love film photography.
Quite by accident I attended a modern art contest, Wannabe Gallery in Milan, and one of my photo was selected.
However I did not understand even then to be an artist.

But there was a kind of thaw.
It happened that "everything else", over time, has melted like snow in the sun. First, the wine, disappeared in a sea of inconsistency. Then the marketing and digital publishing.
Perhaps the crisis, perhaps it has to go so far, the reality was cruel. I had 53 years: too fanciful to be old and too old to pretend to be a start upper. And as these things disappeared, the true character started to flourish. It came out, translucent and powerful, bright and fast: the artist.

An artist in the way run of  Seth Godin. No brush in hand but with a head full of stories, lived and to live. To tell, especially. A photographer as for the words of Wim Wenders, to be a storyteller because taking pictures is "too good to be true", recovering that "it is too true to be nice". Tearing pieces of timeless divinity from the quantum multi-verse.

This is photography. This is storytelling. This is art.

And now I do it.
For you.

Because by millions years we need stories to fascinate our hopeful and deluded brains, our "always looking for new sources" minds, as possible.

I go hunting, in and out of my mind, to enrich your life, to make it extraordinary and horrible, as was mine, a terrible and unstoppable adventure.

As we are heroes of quantum unique-verse.

My photographs usually have few words in or around. They are not “photograph” in a classical definition. They are stories, sometime brief novels. You can experience them in many ways, they are made on purpose.

I like to write words with ink, black or white. Sometimes in color. I do it on prints or around images, with pens and brushes.

Sometimes the photos become a journey more complex, but open to many versions, as for your emotional reading. 

Prints become unique. They can also be part of a limited edition, but this limitation applies only to the subject, since each print is curated by handwriting, there will never be two identical. In this way, words emerged in a graphical way,  from time to time different: often become images of sense that everyone can decode according to his mind.

Words and images, emerging from all my life. To enlighten your. I hope you’ll enjoy them. 



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